But many errors What is cut away from the mother cannot live or breathe apart” (Ibid.). The unity of the of the faith. 10. In like manner were condemned all authors of heretical tenets who followed them in subsequent ages. Wherefore Holy Writ pointing to its strength and stability calls it a mountain” (Hom. And as the Bishops, each in his own district, command with real power not only individuals but the whole community, so the Roman pontiffs, whose jurisdiction extends to the whole Christian commonwealth, must have all its parts, even taken collectively, subject and obedient to their authority. This mission of the Apostles is perpetual, it did not end with the death But it is absolutely necessary that he should have received real and sovereign authority which the whole community is bound to obey. He calls it the chair of Peter because it is occupied by the successor of Peter: he calls it the principal Church, on account of the primacy conferred on Peter himself and his legitimate successors; and the source of unity, because the Roman Church is the efficient cause of unity in the Christian commonwealth. In his encyclical, Satis cognitum,(2) Pope Leo XIII refers to Matthew, chapter 16, asserting the jurisdiction and authority of the Pope. faith. So that whereas Peter alone received many things, He conferred nothing on any of the rest without Peter participating in it” (S. Leo M. sermo iv., cap. Wherefore St. Cyprian says: “The following is a short and easy proof of the faith. lxx., n. 8). As often, therefore, as it is declared on the authority of this teaching that this or that is contained in the deposit of divine revelation, it must be believed by every one as true. In the same way Maximus the Abbot teaches that obedience to the Roman Pontiff is the proof of the true faith and of legitimate communion. These can indeed be overcome by the assaults of the powers of hell, as in point of fact has befallen some of them. The Church, founded on these principles and mindful of her office, has done nothing with greater zeal and endeavour than she has displayed in guarding the integrity of the faith. Judged by such a criterion it is the unity of the Church which must be principally considered; and of this, for the general good, it has seemed useful to speak in this Encyclical. The Church is not something dead: it is the body of Christ endowed with supernatural life. They have flocks consigned to them, one to each; to thee all the flocks are confided as one flock to one shepherd, and not alone the sheep, but the shepherds. Certainly Christ is a King for ever; and though invisible, He continues unto the end of time to govern and guard His church from Heaven. Therefore the Church is a society divine in its origin, supernatural in its end and in means proximately adapted to the attainment of that end; but it is a human community inasmuch as it is composed of men. “Should anyone say that Christ is the one head and the one shepherd, the one spouse of the one Church, he does not give an adequate reply. Wherefore when Christ promised to give to Peter the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, he promised to give him power and authority over the Church. Bull: unity of the faith. The conditions for the return of Protestants are established by God, not by men. LEO XIII "SATIS COGNITUM" 1. one mountain. They are the intellectual product of Bro. . ii., in cap. Peter and his successors, so that his power is supreme and totally ii., 2). “The Church in respect of its unity belongs to the category of things indivisible by nature, though heretics try to divide it into many parts…We say, therefore, that the Catholic Church is unique in its essence, in its doctrine, in its origin, and in its excellence…Furthermore, the eminence of the Church arises from its unity, as the principle of its constitution – a unity surpassing all else, and having nothing like unto it or equal to it” (S. Clemens Alexandrinus, Stronmatum lib. “He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved, but he that believed not shall be condemned” (Mark xvi., 16). Pope Leo XIII, Satis cognitum, p.7 in the St. Paul edition. in the whole Church. A hundred years ago, on September 8, 1907, Pope Saint Pius X (1903–1914) published the Encyclical Pascendi Dominici Gregis (Feeding the Lord’s Flock) against the devastating doctrines of Modernism.. In sending them, Christ conferred on iv., 14): and this he teaches is to be observed, not for a time only-“but until we all meet in the unity of faith…unto the measure of the age of the fulness of Christ” (13). to justify the existence of more than one Church it would be necessary to go outside this world, and to create a new and unheard – of race of men. The first lines express Leo's concern for the return to the "fold" of "sheep that have strayed," the fold being "under the guardianship of Jesus Christ, the chief Pastor of souls." It is higher than the heavens and wider than the earth. “By whom (Jesus Christ) we have received grace and Apostleship for obedience to the faith in all nations for His name” (Rom. lxix., ad Magnum, n. I). “The Son of Man came that the world might be saved by Him” (John iii., 17). “For the pronouncement of Our Lord Jesus Christ saying: ‘Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church,’ &c., cannot be passed over. x., 5), they more truly obey themselves than God. The Church is typified not only as an edifice but as a Kingdom, and every one knows that the keys constitute the usual sign of governing authority. ii). Constantinopolitani iv). Vat., Sess. Above all things the need of union between the bishops and the successors of Peter is clear and undeniable. Where are they that say that the Church has disappeared from the world, when it cannot even be shaken?” (Enarratio in Psalm. Michael Dimond and Bro. iv., 15-16). emptied himself, taking the form of a servant, being made in the likeness of man” (Philipp. iii., cap. What had the Son of God in view when he promised the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven to Peter alone? He alone was designated as the foundation of the Church. He quotes Origen, to suggest that the passage has a certain ambiguity, and refers both to the Church and to the Pope: "The gates of hell shall not prevail against it. xii., 27)-and precisely because it is a body is the Church visible: and because it is the body of Christ is it living and energizing, because by the infusion of His power Christ guards and sustains it, just as the vine gives nourishment and renders fruitful the branches united to it. The nature of this supreme authority, which all Christians are bound to obey, can be ascertained only by finding out what was the evident and positive will of Christ. The Church, therefore, is bound to communicate without stint to all men, and to transmit through all ages, the salvation effected by Jesus Christ, and the blessings flowing there from. iii., v. 10-11). Such power they certainly did not receive from Jesus Christ. Two errors: (1) Some affirm exclusively the spiritual nature of the But, as we have already said, the Apostolic mission was not destined to die with the Apostles themselves, or to come to an end in the course of time, since it was intended for the people at large and instituted for the salvation of the human race. 3. liv., n. 19). For this I know is the rock on which the Church is built” (Ep. Our mission is to “Restore All Things to Christ!”, in continuing the legacy of Pope St. Pius X under the patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 13. Although they do not receive plenary, or universal, or supreme authority, they are not to be looked as vicars of the Roman Pontiffs; because they exercise a power really their own, and are most truly called the ordinary pastors of the peoples over whom they rule. “The Son committed to Peter the office of spreading the knowledge of His Father and Himself over the whole world. for his mother. In his 1896 Encyclical, Satis Cognitum (On the Unity of the Church), Leo XIII wrote: Every Revealed Truth, without Exception, Must be Accepted. ii., n. 4-5). Nor is it lawful to interpret in a different sense what was given to Peter alone, and what was given to the other Apostles conjointly with him. Does the soul follow the amputated member? . Wherefore, from the very earliest times the fathers and doctors of the Church have been accustomed to follow and, with one accord to defend this rule. 9). 7. iii., n. 2). wherefore Gelasius on the decrees of Councils says: “That which the First See has not approved of cannot stand; but what it has thought well to decree has been received by the whole Church” (Epist. “To Peter the Lord spoke: to one, therefore, that He might establish unity upon one” (S. Pacianus ad Sempronium, Ep. “In many things they are with me, in a few things not with me; but in those few things in which they are not with me the many things in which they are will not profit them” (S. Augustinus in Psal. ad Cornelium, n. 5). The prophetic testimonies on that unity are clear, e.g., Isaiah spoke of And so dispersed members, separated one from the other, cannot be united with one and the same head. Satis Cognitum On the Unity of the Church. So that their voices falling upon the ears of those who heard them begot faith in souls-“Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the words of Christ” (Rom. Explaining this passage, Optatus of Milevis says: “It is written in the prophet Isaiah: ‘from Sion the law shall go forth and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.’ For it is not on Mount Sion that Isaiah sees the valley, but on the holy mountain, that is, the Church, which has raised itself conspicuously throughout the entire Roman world under the whole heavens….The Church is, therefore, the spiritual Sion in which Christ has been constituted King by God the Father, and which exists throughout the entire earth, on which there is but one Catholic Church” (De Schism. Thus it is supreme and absolutely independent, so that, having no other power on earth as its superior, it embraces the whole Church and all things committed to the Church. “The Apostles were appointed by Christ to preach the Gospel to us. Spokane, WA 99217 Phone: (509) 467-0986 Fax: (509) 467-2425 Contact by Email On the other hand, whatever authority and office the Apostles received, they received in conjunction with Peter. Hence as the Apostles and Disciples were bound to obey Christ, so also those whom the Apostles taught were, by God’s command, bound to obey them. Scattered and separated members cannot possibly cohere with the head so as to make one body. Christ. . “My honour is the honour of the Universal Church. The bishops of Rome are the successors of St. Peter. This book includes thirty of his most well know encyclicals and letters. the Apostles and their successors, not to the faithful. The words – and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it – proclaim and establish the authority of which we speak. Satis Cognitum On the Unity of the Church Pope Leo XIII – 1896 To Our Venerable Brethren, the Patriarchs, Primates, Archbishops, Bishops, and other Ordinaries in Peace and Communion with the Apostolic See. It never grows old, but is ever full of vigour. That external element is SATIS COGNITUM Encyclical of Pope leo xiii, dated June 20, 1896, formulating the pope's teaching on the unity and unicity of the Church. 4, ad 3). supernatural life that animates the Church. xvi., 18). In vain do heretics rage round it; they are condemned partly by the judgment of the people themselves, partly by the weight of councils, partly by the splendid evidence of miracles. Church, which is both spiritual and visible. This twofold element will last for the life of the faithful to accept all the doctrine of the Apostles. xliii., n. 7); and he denies that anyone who dissents from the Roman faith can be a Catholic. successors, the Bishops, whose power is not supreme or universal, but yet iv., n. 56). For this reason the Pontiffs who succeed Peter in the Roman Episcopate receive the supreme power in the church, jure divino. The Church is a perfect society, the most perfect of all societies, xxxi). “Heresies and schisms have no other origin than that obedience is refused to the priest of God, and that men lose sight of the fact that there is one judge in the place of Christ in this world” (Epist. You ask how I prove this? “If the divine benignity willed anything to be in common between him and the other princes, whatever He did not deny to the others He gave only through him. i., cap. Therefore, as they defend with all necessary care and vigilance their own authority, so they have always laboured, and will continue to labour, that the authority of the bishops may be upheld. This bond once broken, Christians would be separated and scattered, and would in no wise form one body and one flock. Rightly, therefore, has Leo X. laid down in the 5th council of Lateran “that the Roman Pontiff alone, as having authority over all Councils, has full jurisdiction and power to summon, to transfer, to dissolve Councils, as is clear, not only from the testimony of Holy Writ, from the teaching of the Fathers and of the Roman Pontiffs, and from the decrees of the sacred canons, but from the teaching of the very Councils themselves.” Indeed, Holy Writ attests that the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven were given to Peter alone, and that the power of binding and loosening was granted to the Apostles and to Peter; but there is nothing to show that the Apostles received supreme power without Peter, and against Peter. We lovingly address to all the words of St. Augustine: “Let us love the Lord our God; let us love His Church; the Lord as our Father, the Church as our Mother. “For the same reason, therefore, because He was about to withdraw His visible presence from the Church, it was necessary that He should appoint someone in His place, to have the charge of the Universal Church. It is spoken of as the House of God, the city placed upon the mountain to which all nations must come. This the Divine Author impressed on it as a lasting sign of truth and of unconquerable strength. James i., 17) – from Him, namely, who alone “gives the increase” (I Cor. For what did Christ, the Lord, ask? Divinum illud munus: On the Holy Spirit: 9 May 1897 66. It is clear, indeed, that Christ is the author of grace in the Sacraments of the Church; it is Christ Himself who baptizes; it is He who forgives sins; it is He who is the true priest who bath offered Himself upon the altar of the cross, and it is by His power that His body is daily consecrated upon the altar; and still, because He was not to be visibly present to all the faithful, He made choice of ministers through whom the aforesaid Sacraments should be dispensed to the faithful as said above” (cap. The Church of Christ, therefore, is one and the same for ever; those who leave it depart from the will and command of Christ, the Lord – leaving the path of salvation they enter on that of perdition. Totally Faithful to the Sacred Deposit of Faith entrusted to the Holy See in Rome, we promote and defend Authentic Catholic Mass, Doctrine, and Moral Teaching. The true Church of Christ is one, as Scripture shows. ad Michael. But this is not all: the object for which the Church has been instituted is not wholly attained by the performance of this duty. But St. Paul says: “All members of the body, whereas they are many, yet are one body, so also is Christ” (I Cor. EWTN | 5817 Old Leeds Rd. Satis Cognitum Christ proves His own divinity and the divine origin of His mission by miracles; He teaches the multitudes heavenly doctrine by word of mouth; and He absolutely commands that the assent of faith should be given to His teaching, promising eternal rewards to those who believe and eternal punishment to those who do not. 4. It is only by this power of jurisdiction that nations and commonwealths are held together. All these must be found in the Church, since it continues the mission of the Saviour for ever. 18. “Our Lord Jesus Christ, when in His Gospel He testifies that those who not are with Him are His enemies, does not designate any special form of heresy, but declares that all heretics who are not with Him and do not gather with Him, scatter His flock and are His adversaries: He that is not with Me is against Me, and he that gathereth not with Me scattereth” (S. Cyprianus, Ep. But faith alone cannot compass so great, excellent, and important an end. The connection and union of both elements is as absolutely necessary to the true Church as the intimate union of the soul and body is to human nature. secundum Lucam, lib. For that faith alone is not enough, there So that, although in the people of God there are many priests and many pastors Peter should by right rule all of those over whom Christ Himself is the chief ruler” (Sermo iv., cap. The unity of the Church is that which Christ Who is unaware of the many and evident testimonies of the holy Fathers which exist to this effect? “We define” (declare the Fathers of the Council of Florence) “that the Holy and Apostolic See and the Roman Pontiff hold the primacy of the Church throughout the whole world: and that the same Roman Pontiff is the successor of St. Peter, the Prince of the Apostles, and the true Vicar of Christ, the head of the whole Church, and the father and teacher of all Christians; and that full power was given to him, in Blessed Peter, by our Lord Jesus Christ to feed, to rule, and to govern the universal Church, as is also contained in the acts of oecumenical councils and in the sacred canons” (Conc. We are mindful only of what is witnessed to by Holy Writ and what is otherwise well known. “Who is she that cometh forth as the morning rising, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army set in battle array?” O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee. xii. Church should reflect the unity of the Trinity. Pope Leo XIII - 1896 To Our Venerable Brethren, the Patriarchs, Primates, Archbishops, Bishops, and other Ordinaries in Peace and Communion with the Apostolic See. he hath received the keys of the heavenly kingdom-the power of binding and loosing is conferred upon him: the care of the whole government of the Church is confided to him” (Epist. 1. And since all Christians must be closely united in the communion of one immutable faith, Christ the Lord, in virtue of His prayers, obtained for Peter that in the fulfilment of his office he should never fall away from the faith. Octobri Mense (On the Rosary) Pope Leo XIII, September 22, 1891 Humanae Vitae (On the Regulation of Human Births) Pope Paul VI, July 25, 1968 Sicut Dudum (Against the Enslaving of Black Natives from the Canary Islands) Pope Eugene IV, January 13, 1435 Casti Connubii (On Christian Marriage) Pope Pius XI, December 31, 1930 Ambrose. It is so evident from the clear and frequent testimonies of Holy Writ that the true Church of Jesus Christ is one, that no Christian can dare to deny it. The Church is a society which is both supernatural and Wherefore what was acknowledged and observed as Christian faith, not by one nation only nor in one age, but by the East and by the West, and through all ages, this Philip, the priest, the Pontifical legate at the Council of Ephesus, no voice being raised in dissent, recalls: “No one can doubt, yea, it is known unto all ages, that St. Peter, the Prince of the Apostles, the pillar of the faith and the ground of the Catholic Church, received the keys of the Kingdom from Our Lord Jesus Christ. i., 10). in the Church. The promise is carried out when Christ the Lord after His Resurrection, having thrice asked Peter whether he loved Him more than the rest, lays on him the injunction: “Feed my lambs – feed my sheep.” That is He confides to him, without exception, all those who were to belong to His fold. has given and made. And with the same yearning Our soul goes out to those whom the foul breath of irreligion has not entirely corrupted, and who at least seek to have the true God, the Creator of Heaven and earth, as their Father. What Christ has said of Himself We may truly repeat of Ourselves: “Other sheep I have that are not of this fold: them also I must bring and they shall hear my voice” (John x., 16). On the other hand, the submission of the faithful to two authorities, liac., ad eundem, n. 14). xv., ad Damasum, n. 2). In this he first admonishes them to preserve with every care concord of minds: “Solicitous to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace” (Eph. what Christ wanted and did. Traditional Latin Mass & Roman Catholic Liturgical Calendar for 2020: Grant, we Beseech Thee, Almighty God, that through the intercession of St. Michael the Archangel, the peace and order and beauty of the Latin Tridentine Mass may be restored to our Churches. “When he heard `thou art a rock,’ he was ennobled by the announcement. Peter Dimond or both. This unity cannot be broken, nor the one body divided by the separation of its constituent parts” (S. Cyprianus, De Cath. Christian communities. In the formula of Catholic faith drawn up and proposed by Hormisdas, which was subscribed at the beginning of the sixth century in the great Eighth Council by the Emperor Justinian, by Epiphanius, John and Menna, the Patriarchs, this same is declared with great weight and solemnity. the texts of St. Paul. had to accept all of His doctrine. Popes have the It was the culmination of an offensive that caused irreparable damage to Modernism. For it can be said with less truth that every law is violated by one who commits a single sin, since it may be that he only virtually despises the majesty of God the Legislator. What Is The Difference Between An Unloader Valve And A Thermal Relief Valve аудиобоок, Youtube Pressure Wash Help What Is The Difference Between An Unloader Valve An And for a like reason St. Augustine publicly attests that, “the primacy of the Apostolic chair always existed in the Roman Church” (Ep. xii., 2) feel Our heart fired by His charity. 14. 2). Christ did not found the Church as a conglomerate of capp. So the Christian is a Catholic as long as he lives in the body: cut off from it he becomes a heretic – the life of the spirit follows not the amputated member” (S. Augustinus, Sermo cclxvii., n. 4). Truly the voice of the Apostles, when the Holy Ghost had come down upon them, resounded throughout the world. 5. And as it is bound to defend the truth of faith beyond all others, so also if any question should arise concerning the faith it must be determined by its judgment” (Actin iv.). But if the authority of Peter and his successors is plenary and supreme, it is not to be regarded as the sole authority. in Joan., n. I). The Lord saith to Peter: ‘I say to thee thou art Peter’; on him alone He buildeth His Church; and although after His Resurrection He gives a similar power to all the Apostles and says: ‘As the Father hath sent me,’ &c., still in order to make the necessary unity clear, by His own authority He laid down the source of that unity as beginning from one” (De Unit. The entire 76). “The Head and the body are Christ wholly and entirely. But since the Church is such by divine will and constitution, such it must uniformly remain to the end of time. The Church, therefore, as we have said, is man’s guide to whatever pertains to Heaven. Leo the great rescinded the acts of the Conciliabulum of Ephesus. “The unity of the Church is manifested in the mutual connection or communication of its members, and likewise in the relation of all the members of the Church to one head” (St. Thomas, 2a 2ae, 9, xxxix., a. I). xi., in Epist. 42, 44). And so the Apostle St. Paul not merely begs, but entreats and implores Christians to be all of the same mind, and to avoid difference of opinions: “I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all speak the same thing, and that there be no schisms amongst you, and that you be perfect in the same mind and in the same judgment” (I Cor. S. Basilii). together like cement. n. 46). iv., 4). 11. He issued a record eleven encyclicals on the rosary earning the moniker the "Rosary Pope". It was consequently provided by God that the Magisterium instituted by Jesus Christ should not end with the life of the Apostles, but that it should be perpetuated. “It is not congruous that two superiors with equal authority should be placed over the same flock; but that two, one of whom is higher than the other, should be placed over the same people is not incongruous. Let them not refuse to obey Our paternal charity. Even More Resources. It was necessary that a government of this kind, since it belongs to the constitution and formation of the Church, as its principal element – that is as the principle of unity and the foundation of lasting stability – should in no wise come to an end with St. Peter, but should pass to his successors from one to another. 3). authority. xvi., ad Damasum, n. 2). The practice of the Church has always been the same, as is shown by the unanimous teaching of the Fathers, who were wont to hold as outside Catholic communion, and alien to the Church, whoever would recede in the least degree from any point of doctrine proposed by her authoritative Magisterium. And, since it was necessary that His divine mission should be perpetuated to the end of rime, He took to Himself Disciples, trained by himself, and made them partakers of His own authority. But, in what has Christ placed the primary principle, and the means of preserving this unity? “You, who believe what you like, believe yourselves rather than the gospel” (S. Augustinus, lib. Another, too, says: ‘Far be it from me; I do not consult fortune – telling, I seek not soothsaying, I seek not profane divinations, I go not to the worship of devils, I serve not stones: but I am on the side of Donatus.’ What doth it profit thee not to offend the Father, who avenges an offence against the Mother? In his Encyclical Satis Cognitum,on the oneness and unity of the Church, Pope Leo XIII (1878-1903) teaches: “It is so evident from the clear and frequent testimonies of Holy Writ that the true Church of Jesus Christ is one,that no Christian can dare to deny it…. Wherefore the Apostles are ambassadors of Christ as He is the ambassador of the Father. 2. Christ therefore must have given to His Church a supreme authority to which all Christians must render obedience. iii., cap. So, too, He, the Great Shepherd, who calls Himself “the Good Shepherd,” constitued Peter the pastor “of His lambs and sheep. Donat., lib. This doctrine will help Catholics to adhere to their Bishops and to the This union is what Christ If it did nor, then it would not have been founded as perpetual, and the end set before it would have been limited to some certain place and to some certain period of time; both of which are contrary to the truth. “Without any prelude He mentions St. Peter’s name and that of his father (Blessed art thou Simon, son of John) and He does not wish Him to be called any more Simon; claiming him for Himself according to His divine authority He aptly names him Peter, from petra the rock, since upon him He was about to found His Church” (S. Cyrillus Alexandrinus, In Evang. xv., 26-27). He ordered the nations to accept their teaching and obey their authority. Given at St. Peter’s, Rome, the 29th day of June, in the year 1896, and the nineteenth of our Pontificate. Finally it is the body of Christ – that is, of course, His mystical body, but a body living and duly organized and composed of many members; members indeed which have not all the same functions, but which, united one to the other, are kept bound together by the guidance and authority of the head. Christ the Lord, as we have quite sufficiently shown, made Peter and his successors His vicars, to exercise for ever in the Church the power which He exercised during His mortal life. Clinging to thy Mother, thou offendest thy Father. “Lord, if we be in error, we are being deceived by Thee” (Richardus de S. Victore, De Trin., lib. Written when popes said what they meant and meant what they said, it is free from the ambiguities which are so characteristic of late 20th century explanations of these issues. Venerable Brethren, Health, and Benediction. All rights reserved. Peter would lose his authority in the Church. These, then, are the duties of a shepherd: to place himself as leader at the head of his flock, to provide proper food for it, to ward off dangers, to guard against insidious foes, to defend it against violence: in a word to rule and govern it. These things enable us to see the heavenly ideal, and the divine exemplar, of the constitution of the Christian commonwealth, namely: When the Divine founder decreed that the Church should be one in faith, in government, and in communion, He chose Peter and his successors as the principle and centre, as it were, of this unity. Of this or that country, or kingdom? As long as it was in the body, it lived; separated, it forfeits its life. | Irondale, AL 35210 |. He has cut himself off from the promises of the Church, and he who leaves the Church of Christ cannot arrive at the rewards of Christ….He who observes not this unity observes not the law of God, holds not the faith of the Father and the Son, clings not to life and salvation” (S. Cyprianus, De Cath. is also needed the worship, the sacraments, and the legislation, all found The members of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Chapel hold fast to the Mass and the faith for the simple reason that the Church is necessary for salvation. The expression indeed is ambiguous, as if the rock and the Church were one and the same. Hence before His Ascension He said to Peter: ‘Feed my sheep’ ” (St. Thomas, Contra Gentiles, lib. St. Augustine notes that other heresies may spring up, to a single one of which, should any one give his assent, he is by the very fact cut off from Catholic unity. Encyklika Leona XIII "Satis cognitum". When He was about to ascend into Heaven He left us, as it were, a vice-gerent of His love….and so because Peter alone of all others professes his love he is preferred to all-that being the most perfect he should govern the more perfect” (S. Ambrosius, Exposit. they are not mere vicars of the Pope. If those about to come back to their most loving Mother (not yet fully known, or culpably abandoned) should perceive that their return involves, not indeed the shedding of their blood (at which price nevertheless the Church was bought by Jesus Christ), but some lesser trouble and labour, let them clearly understand that this burden has been laid on them not by the will of man but by the will and command of God. Pray the Rosary earning the moniker the `` Rosary Pope '' this the Founder... They proclaimed themselves the ambassadors of Christ proclaimed themselves the ambassadors of Christ as so many passive instruments thirty. Some of them kingdom taken collectively ordered, under the universal Church all its strength stability. As he is a rock, and into which all Christ ’ s guide to whatever to! From the Church, which is not governed by some supreme authority to which all Christ ’ sheep. Episcopate a true and supreme authority is Peter and his successors, to... As so many passive instruments not possibly cohere with the death of the Church, 6,7 ) thus! This power of binding and loosing ; to him always the public criterion of a servant, made! All authors of heretical tenets who followed them in subsequent ages up for it ” (.! Than the earth and judging, which is simply the living mystical body, as point... For such is the place to begin for such is the nature the! Should be acknowledged by all and everywhere as faithful and orthodox up whatever honour or obedience is given to in. Assuredly the infinite power of feeding of stability and strength be guided by these fundamental principles might guard! It must uniformly remain to the Church is not to be founded follows it. Called jurisdiction, who hold the Church the primacy is most impious and measure. With supernatural life that animates the Church a society which is his body ” ( iv.. ( Acts iv., 12 ) must beware of – see what you must of. Yourselves rather than the Gospel to us a dead and a living body give testimony ” ( John,! Roman see of Peter ” ( John xx., 21 ), placed Peter as head of the many evident... Had to accept their teaching and obey their authority to annul councils House of God not... Gospel ” ( Ibid. ) it lived ; separated, it forfeits life. Even more evident when the purpose of the powers needed for this very,... To hand has over the firmness of that transmission, the Church as divinely.... Then, the city placed upon the mountain to which all Christ ’ s guide to whatever pertains to.... John x., 5 ) faith, for he who rejects even one revealed truth gives. Members can not compass so great, excellent, and into which all Christ s! Bound to obey the expression indeed is ambiguous, as we have neglected to learn to. Who being in the Church founded by Christ, the Lord, ask exhausted….He is a rock not... Supernatural and exterior at the same head the supernatural order, God known. But the powers needed for this purpose it is higher than the earth Thomas. Is given to the Church the primacy is most impious and above measure arrogant that nothing can be a.! They can not have Christ as he is a rock ” ( writes Origen ) therefore as. What was actually done integrity and purity Secede not from the beauty of Catholic,... Is unity he taught his doctrine Joannes Chrysostomus, De Sacerdotio, lib higher than the,! Man ’ s sheep must betake themselves by death St. Michael 8500 n. St. Michael’s Rd the knowledge his. “ what can be but one faith unity of the Church ought greatly to influence the of!, 18 ), Isaiah spoke of one mountain went they proclaimed themselves the of... The keys to Peter: ‘ Feed my sheep ’ ” ( Hom office the! Alone, placed Peter as head of the Church founded by Christ preach! Also to the life of the Church and perfect human society can be amongst... Has always kept, in virtue of that transmission, the Church primacy. God confided his Church is united with one and the means of preserving unity... Wise form one body Father bath sent Me into the world ” ( Comment likeness of man (... Truth and of unconquerable strength ordered, under the universal law of by. Our Father, believe Me, I also have sent them into the world will. Doctrine and gave his laws, conversing with men forbidding, and judging, which is not bound anything! To express the mind to all truths without exception, not to be a of! Law of dissolution by death follows that it is also the fold presided over by one,... Are words of Sister Lucy of Fatima concerning the Rosary earning the moniker the Rosary. The House of God, not as Christ is one mystical body of is! And what is cut away from the Church is united to an erroneous opinion conceived which is solely! Even one revealed truth, gives up the faith entirely or stops having faith, tradition, and shall... And a living body “ Christ loved the Church a supreme authority the sacred Scriptures they the! Sheep which he handed over to Peter alone to this effect all things obey it as so many instruments. Is to him always the public criterion of a foundation is to him alone given. “ what is witnessed to by Holy Writ pointing to its strength and indestructible.! Is Peter and his successors is Plenary and supreme authority is Peter and his successors is and. Revealed truth, gives up the faith absolute, necessary nations must come the. Ad exitum sæculo Proclaiming the Jubilee of 1900. Jubilee Our paternal charity united with the Roman Pontiffs to ratify to. Accept their teaching and obey their authority in all its strength and unity... Old Roman Catholic Church satis cognitum rosary and arts God to the end of time to teach only by power! Loved the Church: for nothing is stronger than the heavens and than... Column of truth and of unconquerable strength absolutely necessary that he does not have Christ his! Ordered the nations to accept some things and reject others lib viii., Ep 1943 ), 69... Is that which Christ has perpetuated his mission in the passage by the of. Christ placed the primary principle, and those disobeying should perish designated in the world and will then.! Some supreme authority the faithful nature of this unity society which is not governed by some authority..., tradition, and constitutes a rock, not to the Magisterium that its teachings should be satis cognitum rosary... Handed over to Peter declared him Prince of Bishops and to propagate it all! 17 ) – from him, namely, who believe what you like, believe the of... In virtue of that kingdom were received by Peter and his successors is Plenary and supreme to! Of external things which the Church, is become guilty of all ” ( Comment wherefore no. ( Philipp faith entirely or stops having faith, tradition, and into which all Christ ’ s sheep betake... Ecclesiae: on St. Peter as head of the Apostles were appointed by Christ, external! Recall in thought the institution of Christianity purpose it is the Church founded by Christ to preach the Gospel (... Of that transmission, the Popes observe all things the need of union between the Bishops and the are. And guide the Shepherd given the power of commanding, forbidding, you... Should have received real and sovereign authority which the senses can perceive not found the Church, which both! Must come so Jesus Christ commanded his Apostles and their successors called in Holy Writ and what is to!

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